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sold The Fairy Elf and the Rose

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IN the midst of a garden grew a rose-tree, in full blossom, and in the prettiest of all the roses lived an little fairy  elf. She  was such a little wee thing, that no human eye could see her . Behind each leaf of the rose she  had a sleeping chamber. she was as well formed and as beautiful as a little child could be, and had wings that reached from her shoulders to her waist . Oh, what sweet fragrance there was in her  chambers! and how clean and beautiful were the walls! for they were the blushing leaves of the rose. Hans Christian Andersen


The Fairy  Elf and the Rose sold
Height .. 45cm
bust .. 19cm
waist ... 15.5cm
hips ... 20.5cm
across shoulder without arms .. 7.5cm
across shoulder including arms .. 10cm
shoulder to wrist .. 13.5
Side waist to ankle .. 25
waist to floor .. 27.5
inside leg to ankle .. 18.5
inside leg to floor .. 20.5
length of foot .. 5.7
width of foot .. 2.7

wig size - 7-8" stretchy wig
eye size - 16mm

Made from green 100% cotton theses lovely wings fit in the back of this little vest

Little white cheese cloth dress dyed to look leafy and green

Little half apron


Elf shoes

Tights head piece

doll not for sale