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sold kaye wiggs nelly outfit

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Reggirl said...

Oh I just LOVE all your doll's clothes. They are magnificent & So well put together... I've fallen in love with them... Do you sell the dolls themselves? the whole line of designs are brilliant. I found you through an email for the Embroidery Passport site where you had put a picture/s of the Japanese Kimono "Finding love" I think it was called. I live on the Central Coast & do embroidery & sewing apart from playing with paper.. eg. Cards & scrapbooking. I haven't really got into dolls clothes (not that they'd fit me.. haha) I alway think of them as being extra fiddly to do... am I right? Anyway, Thank you So much for showing your works, you both are real artists & I know how much time is spent on making something like this.... Congratulations!!!!