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sold Kaye Wiggs Layla the vintage elf fairy

Sunday, December 09, 2012 Edit This 1 Comment »
vintage elf fairy outfit
What have we got here under the pot ?
Is it old or is it not ,
It has a old hat and shoes that match
and the dress looks  stained but the wings are not .
Its a wee Elf Fairy flattering around
that's what it is in her lovely gown ,

Doll Size
Annabella/Nyssa/Miki/Layla and other MSD size KazeKidz Measurements*~

Height .. 45cm
bust .. 19cm
waist ... 15.5cm
hips ... 20.5cm
across shoulder without arms .. 7.5cm
across shoulder including arms .. 10cm
shoulder to wrist .. 13.5
Side waist to ankle .. 25
waist to floor .. 27.5
inside leg to ankle .. 18.5
inside leg to floor .. 20.5
length of foot .. 5.7
width of foot .. 2.7
wig size - 7-8" stretchy wig
eye size - 16mm

Hi all i made this special outfit and it was a joy to make its a old but new look something quite different, Layla is a little vintage elf fairy and as all little elf fairy's go a little bit of this and a little bit of that a bit of new and a bit of old
she has a felt elf hat and vintage style tea dyed stained gown beautiful wings and cream tights with felt shoes also arm cuffs

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Marille said...

It's very beautiful dress :)
I like it!!!
Greetings from Poland :)