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this outfit will fit
 Emma, Bella, Bree and zoe  Goodreau as well as 14” Kish & some Ellowyne clothing too Kaye Wiggs .
All of these dolls wear Slim MSD shoes (Narae/Unoa) or 14” Kish doll shoes and 20”Cissy shoes
Doll  size
Height 40cm
Arms 12.4cm
Legs 18.3cm
Chest 17cm
Waist 13cm
Hips 19cm
Shoulder to shoulder 8cm
Neck 6cm
Wrist 4 cm
Foot length 5.5cm
Foot Width 2cm

Vintage Gold
this lovely vintage lace over dupioni silk fabric  make up a lovely outfit it comes with head piece ,dress,stocking,pants sleeves
price $ 65 post $6.30