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sold shabby chic

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Edit This 1 Comment »
\PRICE $69 POST $5
shabby chic outfit for Zoe
i used a Gracefaerie designs for ball joined dolls also fits N yssa and Kaye WIGGS msd girls
my doll is made by Bo Bergemann
doll size
MSD Doll Measurements:
(My MSD body is a TRUE MSD sized body! So she fits clothing labeled for MSD sized BJD)
Height: 43cm 16 1/4"
Wig: Size 7
Eyes: Size 12mm & 14mm
Shoulder width: 7cm Can share clothing most MSD sized dolls especially slim MSD
Chest size: 19cm
MSD shoes, Kish 14" & 16" doll shoes,  also fits ellowyne

I made this shabby chic cotton outfit from a lovely range of country rose fabric .
its a little pocket skirt very dainty with a rose fabric corset , lots or 3D flowers as a special trim ' felt beret  tights and arm warmers price $69 post $5