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sold The Duchess Of Duke Street Outfit for 16inch Fshion Doll

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The Duchess Of Duke Street is a BBC television drama series set in London between 1900 and 1925. It was created by John Hawkesworth, the former producer of the highly successful ITV period drama Upstairs, Downstairs. It starred Gemma Jones as Louisa Trotter, the eponymous "Duchess" who works her way up from servant to renowned cook to proprietrix of the upper-class Bentinck Hotel in Duke Street, St. James's, in London.
The story is loosely based on the real-life career of Rosa Lewis (née Ovenden), the "Duchess of Jermyn Street", who ran the Cavendish Hotel in London. When the show first aired, there were many people who still remembered her, as she lived until 1952. According to census returns, she was born in Leyton, Essex, to a watchmaker. In the series, Louisa's family name is Leyton, and her father is a clock-maker.
The programme lasted for two series totalling 31 episodes, shown between 1976 and 1977. It was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series in 1980. The theme music was composed by Alexander Faris.[1]

The Duchess Of Duke Street Outfit for 16inch Fashion Doll
Today I have this lovely 19th century outfit for your lovely ellowyne doll .
for sale The blouse is made of silk with vintage lace trim and the skirt is lovely quality cotton with a old world pattern on it just like Louisa Trotter in the Duchess   of Duke St silk pants and felt hat with a ostrich feather


Today miss understood is modeling my outfit she had painted eyes but the doll lady gave her a make over which changed her appearance to this lovely doll, her link on the left -  CANDY'S BLOG OR THE DOLL LADY


istanbuldoll said...

hi fom İstanbul : The outfit and doll are perfect.!!!!!