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SOLD 19th century Victorian ballroom dress ink and Apricot Silk

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19th century Victorian ballroom dress ink and Apricot Silk
It was in the ballroom that Victorian society was on its best behavior. Everything there was regulated according to the strictest code of good-breeding, and as any departure from this code became a grave offense, it was indispensable that the etiquette of the Victorian ballroom was thoroughly mastered. The following hints on 19th century Victorian ballroom dancing concentrate on the period from the 1840s to the mid-1860s.
 Victorian lady, in dressing for a ball, first needed to consider the delicate question of age; and next, that of her position, whether married or single. She would then reflect on the simplicity of her attire, the elegance of the design of her gown, and then the propriety of colors.

As everything about a Victorian ballroom would be light, gay, and the reverse of depressing, it was permitted for elderly ladies who did not dance to assume a lighter style of dress than would be proper at the dinner table, concert, or opera.
AS Ember is a unmarried young lady she  is wearing a lovely pink and apricot silk gown
the pictures show her gown and what you get , skirt ,top,hat,stocking ,pants.bag. vintage style bracelet
i not think i forgot anything
Price is $89 post $10 it will be posted in a box