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SOLD 1950's Walk-away Dress

Friday, September 30, 2011 Posted In Edit This 1 Comment »
Quick & Easy One Piece Wrap Dress. Here's the smartest idea of the season . . . a dress that has only back waist and shoulder seams, that has its back wrapped around to the front for a sheath-and-overskirt look. . Wear it for any occasion. Made from just 3 pattern pieces, no facings!
Here's a look at the history of the Walk-away Dress:
During the 1950's, Butterick experienced a phenomenon it had not known since the 'Garibaldi Suit' of the late 1860's. It was pattern 6015, and it was dubbed the 'walk-away' dress, because it was so easy you could "Start it after breakfast... walk-away in it for luncheon!".
It's simple yet flattering wrap design and easy construction were what made it so popular. Sales of the pattern were so great, that at one point manufacturing of all other patterns ceased, and only the 'walk-away' dress was produced until all back-orders for this dress could be filled.
Today Bleuette has her first but not last Walk-away Dress you dont need to show the inside i just liked it that way .also a little cotton cape



Denise (Densteds) said...

this is really cute! Fran