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SOLD Beautiful French net lace Dress

Friday, June 24, 2011 Edit This 0 Comments »
        SOLD FRENCH LACE                               
French netace  with tambour lace embroidery edge    This is in excellent condition, the fabric is strong ad it is very wearable for for  Daisy
This is a vintage or antique very pretty off  white tambour lace dress for your 18 inch Doll which I made .  The fabric dates to the early 1930 / 1940.     It is transparent so it would have been worn over a petticoat or slip. It is in perfect antique condition, clean and gorgeous, it has a lovely old world feel about it this lovely Antique drescomes with a silk slip pantalets and velvet flowers price $95 Post $9 that doesn't include insurance which would be $11 extra
Made by Fran

up at the front down at the sides