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Saturday, April 06, 2013 Edit This 0 Comments »
Hi girls I just finished a 1940 walking dress from the movie Pride and Prejudice Miss Amber is modeling it hope you like it ,it is for sale if anyone would like to have it to add to there collection or maybe start a period collection I will be making them now and again as I love old world style I have made many of theses outfit and there all sell

It is a polka Bonnet made with buckram covered in silk cotton ribbon flowers and a silk blouse with cotton skirt and silk pants and little shawl ,I try to keep my prices down as much as I can so my outfits sell and I can make more as there is so many styles and choices on the net

Price is $69

Post is $13.95 as a box is needed with the bonnet

Time is 10 working days and

Paypal is needed

Just send me a email and I will send a paypal invoice or you need to do is press pay on the paypal button that easy

Measurements Around
Head - 7 6/8"
Neck - 3"
Bust - 7"
Waist - 5"
Hips - 7 3/8"
Thigh - 4"
Lower Leg - 2 7/8"
Ankle 1 5/8"
Foot around Instep - 1 7/8"
Upper Arm - 2 2/8"
Lower Arm - 2 1/8"
Wrist - 1 4/8"