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VINTAGE CREAM $ 75.00 post $ 7
what can i say i love shabby chic ,This little outfit is O.O.A.K.made from a mix of cotton lace and silk
shoes and doll  not for sale
note; i post by letter post when i can and the outfit will lay flat so this means you may have to lighty iron your new outfit its just a cheaper way to post

Annabella/Nyssa/Miki/Layla and other MSD size KazeKidz Measurements*~

Height .. 45cm
bust .. 19cm
waist ... 15.5cm
hips ... 20.5cm
across shoulder without arms .. 7.5cm
across shoulder including arms .. 10cm
shoulder to wrist .. 13.5
Side waist to ankle .. 25
waist to floor .. 27.5
inside leg to ankle .. 18.5
inside leg to floor .. 20.5
length of foot .. 5.7
width of foot .. 2.7
wig size - 7-8" stretchy wig
eye size - 16mm