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A Lady of Distinction

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A Lady of Distinction

Among middle- and upper-class women there was a basic distinction between "morning dress" (worn at home in the afternoons as well as mornings) and evening attire — generally, both men and women changed clothes in preparation for the evening meal and possible entertainments to follow. There were also further gradations such as afternoon dress, walking dress, riding habits, travelling dress, dinner dress, etc.
Today i have this lovely  Lady of Distinction outfit not to fancy and not under dressed i would say its a afternoon dress with a lovely matching bonnet and pants to match
made of silk and a net overlay 

this outfit will fit
 Emma Bella, Bree and zoe  by Bo Bergemann ,Goodreau14” Kish &  Ellowyne
All of these dolls wear Slim MSD shoes (Narae/Unoa) or 14” Kish doll shoes and 20”Cissy shoes
Doll  size
Height 40cm
Arms 12.4cm
Legs 18.3cm
Chest 17cm
Waist 13cm
Hips 19cm
Shoulder to shoulder 8cm
Neck 6cm
Wrist 4 cm
Foot length 5.5cm
Foot Width 2cm

sold My Little English Rose

Thursday, November 15, 2012 Edit This 0 Comments »
My Little English Rose sold
This little outfit suits Emma to a T its a pretty corset with a English rose embroidered on the front
Frilled skirt with layers of lace arm warmers and tights also I little dolly for Emma to hold and kiss with matching beret
Shoes and doll not include

price $69 post $13.60