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sold Regency Gown

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sold     This gown shows how the early empire gowns married a purer "Classical" form with rich 18th-century details. The gown' narrow shape, very high waist, and slim sleeves reflect the Classical vogue, but the rich, muted silks and lace  trims are very much of the Regency. very typical, and note the long gloves: truly chic ones were often even longer, over the elbow. I've even seen extra-long gloves with garters to keep them up. i also added a regency bonnet
Using a very simple pattern from Designs by Jude  that produces a gathered bodice and puff   sleeves,
made of silk and a lovely soft over lace with lots of lovely trims
price $89 post $13.30
this outfit will fit
 Emma Bella, Bree and zoe  by Bo Bergemann ,Goodreau Kaye Wiggs as well as 14” Kish &  Ellowyne
All of these dolls wear Slim MSD shoes (Narae/Unoa) or 14” Kish doll shoes and 20”Cissy shoes
Doll  size
Height 40cm
Arms 12.4cm
Legs 18.3cm
Chest 17cm
Waist 13cm
Hips 19cm
Shoulder to shoulder 8cm
Neck 6cm
Wrist 4 cm
Foot length 5.5cm
Foot Width 2cm