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sold Smart,pretty supernatural

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Smart, pretty . supernatural
Being the world’s only female frostbitten goddess has its advantages, such as having her pick of the Otherworld’s most desirable males And frostbitten  couldn’t have picked a more dangerously lovely and undyingly loyal mate than Ice Man Now their bond will be put to the ultimate test as they follow a trail of ice and snow deep into Alaska’s frozen wilderness.
                                                            O.O.A.K Outfit
                  Outfit for a 'Evangeline Ghastly' doll. She's approximately 17" tall and completely ball jointed , this lovely outfit i made for her ,cool and charming and  comes with skirt with a invisible zipper in the back for easy slipping on ,little cotton top with sparkles on fabric ,feather fascinate with special clip ,stocking and pants and neck ribbon
price $85 post $10