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SOLD vintage cotton cream wedding gown

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Edit This 0 Comments »
This ensemble is so delicate  its made from a vintage dress I manage to get my hands on ,I added a few bits of lace to enhance it only on the front the rest is  all vintage its made of cotton lace, the underwear is rayon which was the under dress ,the tag on the dress says Jean Louis Roesch, Paris )..and was made in Italy, I do love making these vintage ensemble  and for me its not about the money its about the fun I have making them and if I sell them I go on the vintage search to find more old world outfits ,I love to sell them cheaper but as you know vintage means high prices ,sometimes its hard to put the scissors to them but its a nice way to display these lovely old clothes , This ensemble is for a 18 inch doll with room to move , the doll I am using is Daisy we all know her ,
 send me a email if you would like this outfit $120 post $9 insured $29 i  recommend  this i would hate to lose it
Thank you Fran